Leaving This World Better Than We Found It!

About Us

We are a multicultural family who reaches out to people of all walks of life to receive Jesus Christ, learn of His word, and help others so that we can leave this world better that we found it.

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Our Mission

For all to ACCEPT The gift of Jesus Christ. For all of God’s people to ASSEMBLE together weekly in love to worship God, grow spiritually, learn the truth, and encourage one another. To Learn the word of God and APPLY what we learn to our everyday life so that we may live accordingly. To ASSIST the church, one another, the community, and the country. And to ASK others to do the same.


Life at Spirit and Truth

Find out if our values align by reading our beliefs regarding God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, The Trinity, Humanity, Salvation, Baptism, The Bible, and Eternity. 

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